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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Anime accurate G1 Dinobot Swoop?

A great friend of mine, contacted me sometime back, asking if I would help him with his Swoop repaint. I was like Wow.. I am both honoured and flattered.. at the same time uncertain.

I mean.. Man its one of the rarest G1 around and one of the most sort after Dinobots.
And he wanted to put his precious in my hands? I was like.. Hope I will not let him down.. and risk his Swoop turning it into poop..

Anyhow, he handed his swoop over to me to day.. I wish he is not regretting... Hahahah...
He wanted me to repaint it to give it a little more anime accurate... If this was mine.. I would have go ahead wth a resculpt in his head and give the arms and legs a little more articulation.. but well like I said.. Its not mine..

So here's a pics of how the original Swoop looks like if you havent seen one. :/


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