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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Head Master ARC

Almost a year ago I bought a model kit from Rapid Squirrel's, I must say it was a fantastic model kit considering is entirely hand sculpt. The effort putting into the making and designing the kit is top notch. not to mention about how talented the scuplter is..
However, quality control was alittle short of desired. Nonetheless, a wonderful work.
Being a perfectionist ( well... only in some aspects) I just have to give my own input.

1. Re-sculpt Daniel the head master
2. Re-tool ARC's face to give it more symmetry
3. Remold some parts in general to full up the uneven surface... and some other modifications..
which i will post in the next few days...

Though it no longer news... I just want to showcase this wonderful work of art by the sculpter. And tribute the the most beautiful Transformers.. never made..


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