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Fan made custom transformers, in the effort to make our favourite characters in Transformers animation comes alive, Aim to achieve anime accurate custom transformers. Everyone is welcome to comments and showcase your work to promote the community Custom Fandom

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Victory Leo Work in progress

Victory leo was tougher than I have earlier expect.
His original face was molded on Rubber/ PVC making it soft and hard to Carved
So I have to remove a large part of the face and reconstruct it with Epoxy

Next I hate Stiff necks and So I added another ball joint to it so that he was swivel for left to right

And his knee joints were tough too. Especially when its part of the transformation. Slight descripancy will render the tranformation impossible. So angle and lenght of the thigh must be keep consistant to the original mold too. I will touch more on that in the next few post.


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