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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Next Project: Victory Saber

I have always been a fan of Star Saber and Victory Leo. However, I can't say the same of the Robot master interpretation.

Star Saber has a face that looks too fat for him. absense of hip and knee joints gives him a huge discount in the posability department., His arms has limited posability too.

Victory Leo, was on the whole a much better toy. However, his face sculpt makes him look like a kid or worse a monkey. And the lack of knee joints was pretty disappointing.

When they merge to form Victory Saber. The biggest problem I have was his puny wings. And Even the original version looks much better in proportion than this. Isn't it suppose to be an improvement ? The complaints goes on.....

Recently, my brother was trying display "him" in his cabinet, I just couldn't stand looking at it.. and not do anything.

I just have to do something to it.

In the next few weeks I will be posting my progress on my work on my custom Victory Saber.
Do check back for updates


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