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Saturday, September 23, 2006

What I have done to the shoulder cannons

In Masterforce, God Ginrai has was armed with a Arm Rocket mounted to his shoulder, making it so lethal that this is one of his finishing moves. Since then, in most series it has become the trademark of most Transformers leader ( In particular the Japanese animation). when they merge with his sidekicks

A brief history of Shoulder cannons on Autobot leaders
-Beginning with the Victory Series, Victory Saber has 2 cannons over his shoulders,
-In 2000 the Transformers return to their Automobile forming alternate mode. Fire Convoy - Merge with God Magnus to form God Fire Convoy again with 2 Huge cannons on his shoulder,
-Following the success of Car Robot, Armada/ Micron legend follows with Jet Convoy (not me LOL) merging with Overload to form Magna Convoy. With 2 Gigantic Blaster cannons to enhance his fire power.
- Even the most disappointing Convoy to date, Grand Convoy ( Such a great name wasted on a lousy design) merge with Wing Saber to form Cannon Convoy
- And finally Galaxy convoy combine with Sonic bomber to form Sonic Convoy. With two Chain Cannons on both side of his shoulder.

Till we see the next convoy... Lets return to the pioneer. Victory saber.

In the both the Vintage and Robotmaster versions, the cannons lacks the flexibility as depicted in the animation. This often hinders posablity of the toy. So by adding the hinge joints to the cannons, not only do I extend the length ( giving it more asetheticity) but also anime accuracy and improve posability.


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