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Fan made custom transformers, in the effort to make our favourite characters in Transformers animation comes alive, Aim to achieve anime accurate custom transformers. Everyone is welcome to comments and showcase your work to promote the community Custom Fandom

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More colours to my custom Voyager Class Optimus Prime but far from enough...

In order to add an additional door to each site of the chest, I must find a way to slide the door in and out so that it will not affect the transformation.

To do this I need a mechanism to allow the door the slide. And a perfect material to use is the

"Clip" in the File Fasterner.
Adding a little more colour. Still the paint work is really ugly. When I manage to find more time. I have to take him apart to give him a good paint job.

Bring it!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Custom Voyager prime.

I have tried to abstain from making any custom for the last 10 months cos, my wife is expecting and I don't want to create much dust and smell of chemical in my home.
My baby was finally delivered, and now I can finally get my hands wet again.
For a long time I been think of how to make Voyager Optimus prime more movie accurate. And many have posted their custom and its really getting my hands itchy.
Voyager Optimus Prime, even though transform very differently from the movie counterpart it. He certainly look closer to the later in Robot mode.
I have been thinking how can I go about doing it.. until I saw this pic.
This bust is the closet thing I have ever seen to the Optimus Prime in the movie. There actually so many pictures of him I cant be exactly sure how should Optimus Prime look like.Before I work on him, that has some pictures of how good he look originally. In the even that I destroy him and make him worse.
As you can see on the pic above his head is a little stiff and that is something I wish to fix.
The Torso
Torso. While carry as much details as he should in the movie.. They are sort of weak, and "dwarf" as compare to the real thing.
So my intention was to make it look more obvious.
The Head
The head look great from the front, however the neck is not ball jointed and the "neck is getting in the way even if I added a ball joint to it. So that must first be trimmed.
And next adding a ball join to the stem of the neck.Voyager Optimus prime looks much more like that of the Movie Optimus Prime and that pf Leader class in my opinion. However his face looks a little flat on the side. I would like to give him a little face lift.
So what you see above is that I have trim off the neck and replace the next with ball joint. (Apologies for the dark pictures. Its already night time when I finish and I do not have a spot light.:-( ....)
Next I try to give it more projection on the face mask I might have over done this a little. Will shape it down later . Next, the torso. I have added a protruding side door on each side of the chest and the Visor on the top of the wind screen. ( I will work on the wiper later..)
See below, you can see that the side door now slide a part covering the hinge joints on both sides and the visor is now up at a certain angle mimicking on one in the movie.
And a ball joint neck allow prime to look up a little. I tried to work on the waist, however the screw got rounded when I attempt to take them apart. I will try it again .
I have not really paint them. Work on them in the next weekend or so..
Thanks for checking back.