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Fan made custom transformers, in the effort to make our favourite characters in Transformers animation comes alive, Aim to achieve anime accurate custom transformers. Everyone is welcome to comments and showcase your work to promote the community Custom Fandom

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Masterforce MetalHawk the making.

Masterforce Pretender Leader Metal Hawk. Japanese (Takara) created Metal Hawk to lead the pretender in the popular Japanese Transformers series the MASTERFORCE. However it was never seen by the international market and I have never knew of it existence until..... the power of internet that shrink the world) I have always love Hawk from the animation. I even thought of making myself an exo-suit when I was young. So when I saw it on the web and learnt of it existence I told myself I must get him. The toy is made of die cast and so the name. Lacking in articulation and a far cry from the animaion counterpart. I am getting it only for Sentimental reason.

So I have to make my very own Metal Hawk. This is actually my second attempt in scratch building Metal Hawk. Due to the lack of appropriate material, Full transformation was not possible and remains only in Robot mode for display only for my first Hawk. As seen in the picture below

But my dream to make a posable, anime acurate Hawk still lives on. So once again, I start on my quest to build my very own transformable Hawk. Stay tune to find out about my progress

With the exploration of better materials, I came across epoxy putty. This is one of the best Gems I have found. Its cheap. widely available and it cure without baking or heating. And its solid hard. I wanted to make a metal hawk that is posable and proportional. And anime accurate in both the robot mode and its alternate mode.

With that idea in mind. I got some Lego Bionicles figures. ( lego has been producing really posable figures and toyline that make fantastic joints such as the Ball-joints in Bionicles and Clicking Hinge joints in Lego Knights. Both have serve fantastic purposes in my customs. As you will witness in my future posts).

Most transformers even today's toyline with improve articulation and posability lack Joint in the Abdomenal area. This prevents lots of dynamic poses. To achieve anime accuracy, great posability is highly desirable. So I have adopted the bal joints from Lego Bionicles for Hawk's abdomen.

And the head was sculpted with Epoxy resin as seen below.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The new Ginrai. Yes God Ginrai

Doing it in a whole new propective

For anyone who has been observant would know that I am a great Fan of Ginrai, I have made 3 custom of him so far. and still I am not satisfied. working on the original gives much limitations. Scratch building him will not be perfect either, since my skills are no where near some of the experts around. I have been stalling till recently.

A friend of mine one of the best sculpter and scratch builder I've known ( Its really my honour to have known him) recently got himself a milling machine. Making it possible to make my dream Ginrai.

However, I have the faintest idea to work with 3D modling software. And thats the greatest setback. However, I am taking on the challenge. Its gonna be long and ardous.. but I am determine to see this to completion... meanwhiles here's some of the sneaks.

It's been a while..

Wow its been a long time since I posted any updates here. Work have been hectic. There have been lots of ideas but I have no time to work on them..

One of the projects thathat are still left hanging was my Remote control Roller for MP-04 to "complete" the MasterPiece prime.

Lots of planning and actual work was conducted... However, time has been the limiting factor, none the less here are some of the work in progress.