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Fan made custom transformers, in the effort to make our favourite characters in Transformers animation comes alive, Aim to achieve anime accurate custom transformers. Everyone is welcome to comments and showcase your work to promote the community Custom Fandom

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Quintessons Five Faces of Darkness

The extent of Quintessons involvement in the creation of the Transformers Race is still largely a matter of conjecture. Certainly there cruel machinist intellects influenced the Transformers' early development, and perhaps even attacked and colonised Cybertron at one or more times in its past. The main problem was misinformation. the Qntesson high command- the five-faced judges that preside over Witch-hunts over purging inqusitions-thrives on a culture of lies and deceit. Tow things, thouhg are clear. Cyberton is a huge tactical importance tro the Quintessons, and they -like Unicorn- fear the power of the Matrix.
- Simon Furman -Transformers.
It was a pity such important character in the history of transformers was never made into a toy by Hasbro. But a Transformers Fans will not leave it to regret and empty runting. He got into action and made his own quintessions. And he even push it further to bring us a model Kit so that every TFans can own their very own Quintesson. and I am one of the lucky few that have bought it. Its been lying on my desk for the longest time. Due to my constant distractions from my other sudden inspirations to work on other custom. Today, I finally have put my hands to it. Its still far from completion as I need to work on his tenticles. Till then here is the FIVE FACES OF DARKNESS

Judgement, My favourite amongst the 5 faces. And i think the best sculpt by the artist. Not only is it anime accurate the details and attention invested in him is so beyond me. My poor photo taking skills doesnt do him enough justice. He is probably sending me to death if He was to come alive.
Death, Certainly the most recognised face of the Quintesson, the one that spells death, the end, D day whatever you call it. However, this is also the face I am least statisfied with (By no means is it less impresive than the other faces) but his droopy eyes makes him look a little sad, and sorrow filled and even exudes a sympathetic look which does agree with his name (in my humble opinion), so I decided to make it alittle more to my preference.
I raise his Fore head, and give his more incisors. to gives it a more Snearing looking
With my modification I hope it look a little more fearsome and be true to its name

Quintessons Finally

One my favouraite faces of Quintesson. and the Sculpt really matches the his name.. You could even see the anger in his eyes.

Introducing wisdom, The sculpt is very detailed and true to it animated version. Each panel -lining are well define and sharp. However, is pretty difficult to paint the eyes as is really small
And last but not least WAR, I really marvel at the skill of the sculptor, while this piece of art is clearly handsulpt, his skills are fantastic and pretty much capture the expresion required

An over view on how Quintesson looks like from head to toes.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Retrospect.. Ultra Magnus: the making

The first part: The transforming module for the chest where the head will sit.
This design was not used as well.. haha
One of the hardest part is the shoulder joints.. It must have a certain distant from torso to allow substantial articulation in the robot mode. While the space between the side of and the shoulder has to be minimized in alternate mode. I have to work out a few designs.
More design sketches.. It took me a while to have the tranformation sort out. And finding the right joints was really a challange. I don't want cannibalized from my old toys neither would I risk raising the Cost of Raw materials. I have to think economical.
My intial design on how the Ultra Magnus armour should fit THS-02 and how the head should be hidden in the alternate mode. However, this was mechanisim was not employed

I have previously posted my work in progress picture in several transformers forum. But there are more to it. I never have a chance to post them. Now that I have my own blog.. There is no restriction to big image files... So for those who are interested, hope you like what you see..