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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Retrospect.. Ultra Magnus: the making

The first part: The transforming module for the chest where the head will sit.
This design was not used as well.. haha
One of the hardest part is the shoulder joints.. It must have a certain distant from torso to allow substantial articulation in the robot mode. While the space between the side of and the shoulder has to be minimized in alternate mode. I have to work out a few designs.
More design sketches.. It took me a while to have the tranformation sort out. And finding the right joints was really a challange. I don't want cannibalized from my old toys neither would I risk raising the Cost of Raw materials. I have to think economical.
My intial design on how the Ultra Magnus armour should fit THS-02 and how the head should be hidden in the alternate mode. However, this was mechanisim was not employed

I have previously posted my work in progress picture in several transformers forum. But there are more to it. I never have a chance to post them. Now that I have my own blog.. There is no restriction to big image files... So for those who are interested, hope you like what you see..


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