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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The new Ginrai. Yes God Ginrai

Doing it in a whole new propective

For anyone who has been observant would know that I am a great Fan of Ginrai, I have made 3 custom of him so far. and still I am not satisfied. working on the original gives much limitations. Scratch building him will not be perfect either, since my skills are no where near some of the experts around. I have been stalling till recently.

A friend of mine one of the best sculpter and scratch builder I've known ( Its really my honour to have known him) recently got himself a milling machine. Making it possible to make my dream Ginrai.

However, I have the faintest idea to work with 3D modling software. And thats the greatest setback. However, I am taking on the challenge. Its gonna be long and ardous.. but I am determine to see this to completion... meanwhiles here's some of the sneaks.


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